Question: Adding GIT To My Workflow As A Designer


This is a bit different than my usual post, since I’m looking more for feedback than I am trying to teach something.

My typical workflow for doing a WordPress theme is as follows:

  1. Design PSD Mockups
  2. Develop HTML/CSS from PSD
  3. Weave WordPress boilerplate theme into HTML/CSS
  4. Take it server-side
  5. Finish up with functions and loops not already inserted

I know that somewhere in there is a spot for a version control system, but being on a Windows machine that has a few drawbacks… namely, since I’ve managed to get GIT working to sync up the entire WordPress install, once I run the sync it refuses to run locally (or vice versa).

My question is: are there any resources for developing themes with a version control system (like GIT) and [two part question] would I be better off only adding the theme folder as a repo and going from there?

  • boundbystars

    I use git everyday, I don’t do a lot of wordpress with git. I’m sure someone has got it working. Here’s a decent article on it.  I do know that git will screw up with PSD’s.

  • commadelimited
  • jeremyflint

    We use SVN for version control where I work (was a better fit for us than GIT) and we develop themes all the time under version control. The difference is probably that we have a completely separate server that we build out our sites on, rather than doing it locally.
    One thing you could try is to keep your “working copy” separate from your development install of WP.
    Also, we only version the theme so that we don’t end up with lots of out-of-date WP core files when updates are released.
    Note: Working Copy is an SVN term. May not apply to GIT. Its basically your local copy of whatever is versioned.

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