Hello! I’m Mitch Canter. I build beautiful websites in

Nashville, Tennessee.

(well, Spring Hill actually,… but it’s close enough!)

About Mitch

Mitch Canter is a WordPress Designer, Web Developer, and Digital Strategist from Nashville, TN. With nearly 15 years of experience in the Nashville area, Mitch is a creative force, both in strategy and execution of creative ideals.

Mitch empowers clients across the country (and beyond!) to tell their story online in the most beautiful way possible. Whether it’s a blog, a business, or a brand, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Recent Content

WordPress, React, and The Future

On September 14, Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress was rethinking its use of the React.js library due to Facebook’s clarification on its patents. The short story: Facebook released React under a modified “open-source-ish” license (called BSD+Patents) that allow them to judiciously revoke the patent if a service violates the terms of service (specifically, if they…

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