My name is Mitch Canter. I’m passionate about helping people, businesses, and non-profits tell their story online.

I use WordPress to build beautiful solutions to the problems facing the modern web. My mission is simple: to utilize WordPress, modern web design, and solid digital strategy to empower everyday people to do extraordinary things on the web.

Nashville Style. Worldwide Appeal.

Nashville, TN has been my home for over 12 years. But don't think it's all country music and rhinestones here; I've travelled the world in search of inspiration and spoken at some of the best international conferences on the planet.

Adding A “Let’s Encrypt” SSL Certificate to an Amazon AWS Instance

Adding A “Let’s Encrypt” SSL Certificate to an Amazon AWS Instance

A few days ago we showed you how to add an SSL certificate – one that you can purchase – to your newly created Amazon AWS Instances. As I was researching SSL certificates, I came across an interesting initiative: Let’s Encrypt.  It’s an organization dedicated to serving up free SSL certfiicates so you can encrypt your […]

Adding SSL To Your Amazon AWS Instance

Adding SSL To Your Amazon AWS Instance

The last few blog posts have been an in-depth tutorial on how to set up an Amazon AWS Instance.  And, while the basics were more than covered, I had a few reader asking me about a super important topic: SSL and Encryption. What exactly is SSL Encryption? The short answer: it’s that fancy green lock […]

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