A Fresh Coat of Paint

As with most things, a little change can be a great thing.

I’ve finally gotten the basics of my new WordPress theme finished and uploaded. I got so bored with all of these business themes with their straight lines and boring colors…

… so I decided to kick it up a notch!

This is the new version of my site. There’s a lot of angles, colors, and various insights to my life that aren’t work related. Eventually I want to do a lot more, but I know that the best things in life are built a bit at a time… Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all!

Everything is built with CSS and Flexbox. I debated using Grid, but I knew I could get Flexbox to behave – especially with the vertical timeline in the middle of the page.

I still need to add my portfolio, but I feel like this is a much more vibrant representation of who I am. I’m not stuffy, business minded… I want to make the web a more beautiful place.

The site also adds in a few of my other passions as well: specifically, gaming, ministry, and culture. I know this seems like a smorgasbord of topics, but they all come together to form who I am, and they (combined with my design and development work) are the lenses in which I view life.

Some things to note:

  • The lines are angled at 1.75 degrees
  • The backgrounds all scroll at the same rate, even those the images are different.
  • I created a function specifically to randomize the background color on some sections because I love a little bit of chaos 🙂
  • The calendar is running a customized version of Modern Tribe’s “The Events Calendar”. I wanted something where I could have a nice way to look at upcoming stuff. Eventually, I’ll have streams (Twitch or YouTube) and other ‘short term’ items that aren’t just conferences.
  • I have a few other ideas that will be coming soon. But I want to nail down what I have before I add on, and that’s nearly done!

I’ve never felt so good about a design as I do about this one, and I feel like it’s… me. It’s a little rad, a little chaotic, and bright – just like I aspire to be in real life!

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