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[studionashvegas] was born over 8 years ago as an answer to a need for affordable, amazing web design in Nashville.  We discovered WordPress early on, and took it to the races.  Mitch was one of the first developers to use WordPress as a content management system, and has worked with major companies such as Bridgestone and Firefly Vodka to help them utilize WordPress for their web presence.

We’re not just another development shop, however – we are a full service agency that blends the disciplines of marketing, design, and development into a “holy trinity” of your online presence. We make websites – and other digital assets – that look great, function great, and serve as a means for delivering your story to the right people.

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About Mitch

Mitch Canter is a 10 year veteran of the web and social industry.  He’s a blogger, public speaker, designer, developer, and a bonafide “WordPress Solution Strategist” – nowadays there’s no project WordPress can’t handle, and it’s Mitch’s job to conceptualize and oversee the process from start to finish.

Mitch regularly teaches workshops on WordPress, design, marketing, and social media. He also is available for specialized one-on-one training sessions to teach people (and companies) exactly how to get the most out of their WordPress site.

Mitch is also a classically trained musician, an amateur chef, a voracious video gamer, and a middle-school small-group leader with his church.

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