Mitch Canter is a 10+ year veteran of the web and social industry.  He is a senior developer with Vanderbilt University’s Web Communications department, and has a passion for bringing amazing technology to the world of higher education.

Mitch is also a blogger, public speaker, designer, developer, and a bonafide “WordPress Solution Strategist” – nowadays there’s no project WordPress can’t handle, and it’s his job to conceptualize and oversee the process from start to finish.

Mitch regularly teaches workshops and seminars on WordPress, design, marketing, and social media. He also is available for specialized one-on-one training sessions to teach both people and companies exactly how to get the most out of their WordPress-powered website.

When he’s not making the web a more beautiful place, Mitch is probably hanging out with his wife and kids or playing video games.

Need a speaker for your conference? Check out Mitch’s speaking credentials.

Mitch is also available for freelance and special projects. Drop him a line if you’re interested!