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Add Columns to WooCommerce Admin

If you’re running WooCommerce, the Orders screen is a great way to see – at a glance – what’s going on in your store.  However, there’s one thing that it absolutely doesn’t show: the products that people have ordered.

The code below changes that – it gives you a special column in your Orders screen called “Products” and shows a quantity and product name for each product a person has ordered.  Just paste this code into a site-plugin or into your functions.php file:

add_filter( 'manage_edit-shop_order_columns', 'show_product_order',15 );
function show_product_order($columns){

   //add column
   $columns['product-display'] = __( 'Products'); 

   return $columns; 

add_action( 'manage_shop_order_posts_custom_column' , 'snv_custom_shop_order_column', 10, 2 );
function snv_custom_shop_order_column( $column ) {
 global $post, $woocommerce, $the_order;

    switch ( $column ) {

        case 'product-display' :
            $terms = $the_order->get_items();

          if ( is_array( $terms ) ) {
                foreach($terms as $term)
        echo $term['item_meta']['_qty'][0] .' x ' . $term['name'] .'
              } else {
                _e( 'Unable get the products', 'woocommerce' );


Let’s break it down:

The filter (“show_product_order”) adds a column to the WooCommerce Orders Admin screen.  The column will show up at the end of the other column lists.

The action (“snv_custom_shop_order_column”) adds a function to the “manage_shop_order_posts_custom_column” (whew!) hook in WooCommerce.  It then checks each order listed in the column and looks for a column field called “product-display” – which we defined in the filter above.  It then echoes the quantity and the name for each product listed.

Feel free to modify this as you wish – you can also find a Gist of this on GitHub if you’d rather see it / bookmark it there!

  • Stefan van den Dungen Gronoviu

    Great article on how to do it yourself.
    There is a plugin that allows you to add a products column to the order overview. Along many other useful WooCommerce columns.

  • Manolis Avagiannis

    Awesome!! Many thanks! I want to also display near the product name, the variation of the product. How can i do that?

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