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On Community and New Projects

SO! Since I have some time to actually sit down, I can finally talk more about my upcoming plans for things! I took a few days last week and really, REALLY thought about what I’m passionate about in life. And a few things came to mind: Family, Church, WordPress… those three things have always been […]

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Marketing To Your Tribe

Sitting on a plane, being able to write on my blog… technology is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? I’m flying back from Chicago (by way of Charleston, SC) to Nashville. I had the opportunity to speak on Gamification at two very awesome (and very different) events: Digital Summit Chicago and Type-A Parent & Lifestyle Blogging […]

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

As with most things, a little change can be a great thing. I’ve finally gotten the basics of my new WordPress theme finished and uploaded. I got so bored with all of these business themes with their straight lines and boring colors… … so I decided to kick it up a notch! This is the […]

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WordCamp US – In Nashville!

In less than one week, WordPress enthusiasts from all over the globe will converge on Nashville, TN for WordCamp US – the annual pilgrimage to celebrate, learn about, and meet others interested in WordPress. Nashville’s been my home for over 10 years now, and has a very strong WordPress community here. I’ve been very privileged […]

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High Ed Web 2017: A Hart(ford) for Higher Ed

I’ve only been home for a few hours, but the lessons and memories of HighEdWeb 2017 are still fresh on my mind.  I feel like one of the few people on earth that actually recharge at a conference, but after WPCampus earlier in the year, I was ready to get back out and network with my fellow web […]

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Ajax + jQuery: An Introduction

Since Twitch released their ‘Twitch Extensions’ SDK, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with different things I can integrate into Twitch’s panels. I’ve build a WordPress Panel and I’m working on Tumblr and Instagram Panels (which require a lot more API work).  But the crux of everything I’ve been working on relies […]

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WordPress, React, and The Future

On September 14, Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress was rethinking its use of the React.js library due to Facebook’s clarification on its patents. The short story: Facebook released React under a modified “open-source-ish” license (called BSD+Patents) that allow them to judiciously revoke the patent if a service violates the terms of service (specifically, if they […]

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There are really no words to describe the feeling I had seeing the Eclipse today.  I could try to throw out words with empty meaning like “fantastic”, or “magical”, but they seem to fall flat when I think back and recall how I actually felt. Holly and I had decided early on that we wanted […]

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Level Up Your WordPress Security

I had an amazing time speaking and networking at the #WPCampus Event in Buffalo this past weekend.  I was fortunate to be able to share some insight on the realm of Security, and make it (hopefully) more than a fruitless, confusion quest. First of all, here are my slides: Level Up Your WordPress Security from […]

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