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Gamification: How to Level Up Your Marketing Campaign

I’ve never shied away from the fact that I’m a huge fan of gaming. Most nights, once the rest of the family has gone to bed, you’ll see me traversing the lands of Eorzea as my alter ego Lucina. Beating bosses, collecting loot, and enjoying the company of the other players I work with – […]

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The Hidden WordPress Options Panel

Did you know that there’s a hidden options panel in WordPress?

It’s one page you can visit that will allow you to set every single option available to you on your site – even some of the hidden ones that are set via plugins and/or other functions.

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The Road Ahead

Hibernation. I’ve been trying to come up with a good word that explains my life for the past year or so.  Hibernation, I think, fits the bill quite nicely. The last few months have been a transition period.  A new job (at Vanderbilt University). A new baby (who’s three months old now). A myriad of other things […]

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Adding SSL To Your Amazon AWS Instance

The last few blog posts have been an in-depth tutorial on how to set up an Amazon AWS Instance.  And, while the basics were more than covered, I had a few reader asking me about a super important topic: SSL and Encryption. What exactly is SSL Encryption? The short answer: it’s that fancy green lock […]

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Discussion: Are Blog Comments Truly “Social”?

Let’s talk “comments”, shall we? I popped into the #blogchat tonight for the first time in a while. Partly trying to avoid work, and partly trying to avoid the Golden Globes, I realized that I was actually in front of my computer at a decent time to be able to follow along. What came out of […]

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Creating a Site Specific Plugin in WordPress

Quick: how do you add a custom function into a theme. If you said ‘add it to your functions.php file’, then you would be correct. But is that really the best way to go about things? The Problem Let’s say you’ve customized your site with some pretty fancy functions you’ve added in through the hooks […]

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