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Roll Call! NashMash Twitter Users, Speak Up!

I’ve gotten a LOT… a BOATLOAD… a RIDONKULOUS amount of new users from the Nash Mash list (and still getting them).  Don’t worry if you get one of those autogenerated messages from me – I really do want to connect and meet any new people in the Nashville area.  But, since i’ve got you on […]

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Good Design in Politics, Part 1

I’ve been following the elections with great care this year.  It’s probably one of the most contested, heated, angry, fun-to-watch-SNL again elections that history has seen.  At any rate, it’s good to see that both parties have embraced the Internet for campaigning, and have stepped into the 21st century as far as their websites go. […]

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BCN08 – Final Thoughts

This weekend was BarCampNashville for those of you who didn’t know or aren’t from the lovely Music City.  I gotta say that the BarCamp volunteers pulled out all the stops this year.  We had the Sommet center as our backdrop, there were lots of speakers on a variety of topics, and even I got into […]

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Rules For BarCamp

With BarCampNashville looming on the horizon (aka, tomorrow), it’s only fitting that today’s post be geared toward the *camp scene and what to expect.  Here are a few tips to remember tomorrow while you’re at the conference (and at future conferences thereafter): What To Bring: Business Cards: Hand them out like candy, and accept them […]

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WordPress MU: Promoting Posts from User Blogs

A long point of contention with WordPress MU users is the inability to “promote” posts from the user pages to the main blog feed.  This causes a disjoint between the bloggers and the site administrators who want to share the content their users are creating.  Other content management systems have this feature built-in, but WordPress […]

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studionashvegas has a new look

I know I know i’ve been neglecting the site for a bit, but i’m releasing fresh with a (sort of) new style and some new features. The obvious difference is the color scheme.  It’s getting to be fall/winter, and that seems to be my fallback (get it, "fall" back) color choice.  I like the dark […]

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BarCampNashville Cometh!

It’s less than a week until BarCampNashville happens here in… well, Nashville!  I’m super excited as to the prospects of what will happen, not just because I’m speaking but because I will be stopping in on some of the sessions to learn my bit as well. I ask you now, my lovely readers, to go […]

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Social Bankruptcy

My friends, I have neglected this blog for long enough. I have been busy with work that I keep putting my own personal designs and social media friends to the wayside. I’ve forgotten the number one rule of being in social media: your friends and the people you care about are what drive you. And […]

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