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WordCamp Birmingham

Andre Natta and the rest of the planning crew down in Birmingham have been working non-stop to make sure that the first south-eastern WordCamp is going to be a great success.  If you’re into WordPress [ and really, who isn’t? 😉 ], they’re still looking for both sponsors and speakers. I have two sessions planned […]

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PodCampOhio Show – Wrapup

It was sort of last minute last night, but I did get a chance to join Dr. Anonymous, AngeloMandato (congrats again on the baby – hope it wasn’t me that spoiled your secret), Brandice, Daniel, and podcasting newcomer Brad (?) in Dr. Anonymous’ weekly show over on BlogTalkRadio.  It was a great time (and I […]

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Transparent PNG in IE6 – JavaScript

There are a lot of fixes for Alpha PNG transparancy in Internet Explorer 6.  They all have their pros and cons, but I love this one because (unlike some other fixes) it covers every image at once.  That way, you can put in a lot of transparent images and get a massive fix for all. […]

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HTML Email vs. Web Layout Design

Sometimes the best way to reach a mass of new clients is by using transactional email.  It’s easy to send and people check their email every day (or every hour… or every minute – yes I know some people that do!), so you know that people will get it (providing it doesn’t end up in […]

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CSS Reset: Leveling the Playing Field (a bit)

I’ve recently discovered a nice way to standardize the view I get between Internet Explorer and Firefox, which have a standard “stylesheet” built in to render websites.  The problem: both browsers use a different stylesheet, which can lead to inconsistancies between the same site on different browsers. So, I’ve adopted a “CSS Reset” file.  What […]

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The Twitter Fail Whale Photoshop Contest!

First of all, thanks to Daniel Johnson, Jr for providing a link to the “Fail Whale” origin story.  Read the article, and go support the REAL artist behind the Fail Whale! That being said, when it comes to the original screenshot… I think it could be spiced up a bit: And I got to thinking: […]

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Custom Branded Google Search With WordPress

I’ve been playing around with some really cool features in WordPress lately.  With my site, and a few others i’ve been working on, I’ve been toying with the “Page Template” feature that allows me to customize which elements show up on a page (like, a sidebar, specific headers, a footer, etc).  But, while working specifically […]

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