New Year, New Design, New Focus

Wow! What an incredible year 2014 has been. You may have noticed that this year was a bit… quiet on the [studionashvegas] front. To be honest, it was that way for a reason – I stepped back and took a long, hard look at a few things, and used it as a year of experimentation […]

Artful Club’s “100 Design Blogs to Follow”

  There’s quite a few amazing blogs on this list… if you’re looking for a few new blogs to follow, this is the place to check out some new subscriptions! An infographic by the team at Artfulclub .

What is #WPChat?

#WPChat: Defined #WPChat is a weekly Twitter chat that takes place on Tuesday night at 8PM EST  (5PM PST).  We focus on having discussions on WordPress design and development, and on showcasing WordPress used in unique and interesting ways. Sounds awesome.  What do we talk about? I want to run #WPChat very similarly to how #BlogChat […]

Howdy Against Humanity – A Fun WordPress Plugin

I’ve been on a plugin writing kick lately.  I decided this time I wanted to have a little fun with the “Howdy” up in the top corner.  Thus is born… Howdy Against Humanity! Description This plugin changes the “Howdy” in the top right corner to something much more fun (and sometimes irreverent). It pulls a […]


What is WP-Dogecoin? This plugin allows you to add your Dogecoin donation address to the bottom of your blog posts – automatically! How To Install WP-Dogecoin == If you’re installing this plugin from inside WordPress, skip to Step 5 == 1: Download the plugin from the WordPress Repository 2: Unzip the plugin 3: Upload the […]

SocialChorus Interview

I thought you guys would love to see the interview that I did for SocialChorus on WordPress – it had some great discussion! #spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship with BlogWorld NYC 2012. This could include BlogWorld NYC 2012 providing me with content, product, access or other forms of payment.

I’m Open Sourcing My Core Theme

The last few posts I’ve made on here were diving into the introductions of a Responsive Design (and I plan on finishing that series – work and life got the best of me), but since I started writing those I’ve taken the liberty upon myself to rewrite the boilerplate that I use on nearly every […]

[studionashvegas] v5 is Live!

After nearly (literally) 6 months of testing, working, and coding (and working around other peoples’ work – clients come first!) I am proud to announce that this site is in it’s 5th revisionary state. Some things worth mentioning (that you may or may not care about, but it’s fun to mention the highlights): New front […]

Welcome To The New World Order

I wanted to show you guys something.  It’s going to look strange because the real MPAA site (where I got this content) is pulling their blog in an IFRAME.  So… bear with  me. Article is here: Only days after the White House and chief sponsors of the legislation responded to the major concern expressed […]

Mr. Canter Goes To Washington… er, Nashville

I’m sitting at Dunn Brothers (again; I was here earlier prepping my talking points and statistics) debriefing myself on the conversations had at my meeting with Rep Cooper (D-TN) and members of the tech and entertainment industry.  I didn’t take notes, so I apologize if I forgot anything, but I wanted to give a short […]