Livestreaming – An Introduction

Every morning when I get into the office, I fire up my laptop, grab some coffee, and immediately navigate to my favorite online streamer – MrHappy. A full time streamer, he – and thousands of people like him – make a living out of livestreaming himself playing games or practicing a creative art in front […]

Discussion: Are Blog Comments Truly “Social”?

Let’s talk “comments”, shall we? I popped into the #blogchat tonight for the first time in a while. Partly trying to avoid work, and partly trying to avoid the Golden Globes, I realized that I was actually in front of my computer at a decent time to be able to follow along. What came out of […]

5 Tips to Help You Create Amazing Content!

It’s all well and good to talk about technical things like podcasting, but sometimes the problem isn’t the method; it’s the message itself.  Many people will open up a Word document or their WordPress editor and stare at it for hours.  Creating amazing content from scratch is hard. But, nothing worth doing is easy, and fresh […]

Making The Case for The Content Curator

Tweetdeck - Twitter Management Dashboard

We as humans strive to create beautiful content in everything that we do.  Whether that’s a fine oil painting hanging in a museum or the amazing selfie from on top of Christ the Reedeemer in Brazil, that content is something we’ve made and that we’re proud of.  I’ve noticed, however, that people think they can sustain their […]