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A Fresh Coat of Paint

As with most things, a little change can be a great thing. I’ve finally gotten the basics of my new WordPress theme finished and uploaded. I got so bored with all of these business themes with their straight lines and boring colors… … so I decided to kick it up a notch! This is the […]

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Local by Flywheel: An Overview

I’ve been using Vagrant and VVV with VV (a site creation wizard) for a while now as the cornerstone of my development workflow. I have customized my VVV quite a bit over the years, and – while I was happy with it – I was always on the lookout for something better to see if […]

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Functions.php Vs Writing a Plugin

When it comes to developing a new site, every developer has a stash of favorite code snippets or reusable modules they keep handy.  It could be a homemade widget, a section or module that is adaptable to multiple sites, or custom code that you use to personally extend the functionality of WordPress, but every developer worth their salt […]

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Advanced CSS Selectors

It’s my firm belief that between CSS and jQuery, there’s nothing on a page that I can’t manipulate.  CSS is amazing in that (as long as the proper hooks are in place) you can use it to manipulate elements with granular precision.  What most people don’t realize, however, is that you can use so much […]

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Workflow: Questioning the Tried and True Methods

My workflow, for the curious, looks something like this: Digital wireframe. Overlay wireframe on Photoshop (onto 16 column grid). Design mockups. Solicit feedback from client. Make changes. Get approval from client. Code mockup into CSS/WordPress template. Load Content Browser Check Responsive Check Final Client Check Launch Seems relatively straight-forward, right?  I’ve been seeing post after […]

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Using A Child Theme in WordPress

If you develop WordPress themes, chances are that you fall into one of two camps.  You may be the person who takes premium themes and customizes them to your client’s wishes.  Or, you may be a custom builder who writes everything from scratch.  Chances are you use a lot of the same code, functions, and […]

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A Responsive Menu Solution for WordPress

Edited 01/14/14 to work with WordPress 3.8 A few months ago I modified a really cool WordPress template and started using it for my own clients.  As part of the overhaul, I realized that there was no really good way (included) to turn a WordPress unordered list into a menu that would work on a […]

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Add a Login Box to your Sidebar

I wrote a post a while back detailing how easy it was to add a Login Box to your template.  But, it’s even easier, it turns out, to add one to your sidebar. Sidebar Login is a plugin that will let you throw a quick sidebar login box onto your site.  And, it’s AJAX compatable, […]

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The Case of the Disappearing Widgets

I’ve migrated tons of WordPress sites in my tenure as a WordPress developer, but over the years one thing would always bother me: my widgets kept disappearing.  I’d dump the SQL database and import it to the new server only to find that every single widget had vanished. So, I looked for a solution. WP-Migrate-DB (despite […]

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