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Question: Adding GIT To My Workflow As A Designer

This is a bit different than my usual post, since I’m looking more for feedback than I am trying to teach something. My typical workflow for doing a WordPress theme is as follows: Design PSD Mockups Develop HTML/CSS from PSD Weave WordPress boilerplate theme into HTML/CSS Take it server-side Finish up with functions and loops […]

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Logged In? Or Not? WordPress Can Check!

Today’s a quick post, but it’s worthwhile if you’re using WordPress as a Content Management System.  A lot of times people utilize the built in account system (user logins) to showcase membership data, ecommerce data, and a whole lot more.  I found a need at one point to show different data to people depending on […]

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A Few Amazing Sites That Can Be Built With WordPress

I always tell people that, in my mind, there’s no question that WordPress can take anything you throw at it. I’ve been building websites on it for nearly 4 years now professionally and I’ve found quite a few fun little projects have come my way. It’s always a challenge to make WordPress work in a way that is outside the box. So, I thought I’d share a few of the projects I’ve had the privilege to work on over the years.

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WordPress Needs iOS Enthusiasts

There was a post titled (albeit linkbatingly) “Tumblr is Killing WordPress” on the Smedio blog about a week ago.  The comments have kept coming in one by one, with the majority of commenters showing their support for WordPress.  However, one comment that came up struck me as sort of telling on how the story stands […]

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Thursday Conversations: HTML5

(Yes, I inked and typed the above graphic – a little fun while I learn the ins and outs of inking digital graphics) I realize I forgot to do a Tuesday Conversation this week… so I’m moving it to today.  I want to get your input on HTML5.  More specifically, do you know what it […]

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Internet Explorer 6 (Or, “Death and all his Friends”)

Wow, a new blog post – what gives? About a year ago I stopped supporting IE6 completely.  Unless a client specifically asks, there are only five browsers I support fully: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE7/8 (and even IE7 is starting to take its toll on designs).  But, why?  Why eliminate a browser completely from […]

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