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On Community and New Projects

SO! Since I have some time to actually sit down, I can finally talk more about my upcoming plans for things!

I took a few days last week and really, REALLY thought about what I’m passionate about in life. And a few things came to mind:

Family, Church, WordPress… those three things have always been a constant in my life. But, along with that, for the last 4 or so years, I’ve had a nice side hobby that I’ve really enjoyed: Final Fantasy XIV.

If you’re not into video games, it may be hard to see how that’s possible – it’s a bunch of pixels on a screen, you’re playing a video game, etc, etc.

But two weeks ago I was in Las Vegas, hanging out with some VERY real people that I’d never met before, and we were like family from the moment we all stepped into our AirBNB rental. People like Sai Rainfire and Rowan Sinclair (not their real names here), who’ve been friends with me for years now and we’d never even met in person.

And the more I think about it, the more I realize just how much it’s made an impact on my life. Not even the game itself; just the community. FFXIV is a tool, just like any other social network, but it’s brought joy and happiness to me – not because of the game itself, but because of the community.

So… I’m throwing some time and resources into giving back to that community.

First off: I’m starting a new Podcast. It’s going to be based on FFXIV. I’ve already got the main branding done and will be putting up a website later this week. It’s called ‘The Swiftcast’ (a play on one of the skills you learn in the game). I’m going to live stream the podcast episodes with the first one being Monday @ 8:30 PM CT. Archive episodes will go online afterwards.

Second: I want to stream the game – on Twitch, or maybe even here on Facebook some. It may not be something I do all the time because my lovely wife would kill me, but I do enjoy doing it because it combines my love of talking/speaking (ha!) with playing the game.

Third: I’ve been running the BrynHub Discord for a while now, but I’ve started another one for all of the servers in the upcoming “Data Center” merge. We’ve already got over 700 members, and I want to keep pushing it because the community we’ve built already there is VERY positive and amazing. (

Fourth: I have a t-shirt in my Etsy shop that’s FFXIV themed, and it’s easily one of my best sellers. I’m going to create a few more derivative designs, and I’ve opened a new shop specifically for FFXIV (and some other generic gaming) apparel and items: Primal Threads ( – I’ll finish the branding later!)

It may seem like a lot – and it may also seem like a ‘ploy to capitalize on the game, the community, etc..’ but… I really, REALLY love the people I’ve come into contact with. There are people passionate enough to dress as their favorite characters from the game. People who feel emotional connections to story points (remember how we all felt when Cedric died in Harry Potter? FFXIV has that character too: Haurchefant). People who love this game enough to share it with people whom they’ve never met.

Who WOULDN’T want to jump into that community with both feet?

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