Achievers & Gamification: “I Wanna Be The Very Best”

Achievers in games want one thing out of their experience: to be the absolute best in whatever the game has in store. Whether it’s winning the top prize or beating the baddest boss, these players want to climb to the top of the pyramid of success.  Prestige, and the thrill of the achievement, are what […]

Bartle’s Taxonomy: Understanding The “Players” In Gamification

We’ve learned that Gamification is the act of taking gaming principles and applying them to real world situations in order to modify behavior.  But before we jump in with both feet, there’s a few things we have to consider.  Let’s look at a few sample “players” – a term used to define the users we will be interacting […]

Gamification: How to Level Up Your Marketing Campaign

I’ve never shied away from the fact that I’m a huge fan of gaming. Most nights, once the rest of the family has gone to bed, you’ll see me traversing the lands of Eorzea as my alter ego Lucina. Beating bosses, collecting loot, and enjoying the company of the other players I work with – […]