Discussion: Are Blog Comments Truly “Social”?

Let’s talk “comments”, shall we? I popped into the #blogchat tonight for the first time in a while. Partly trying to avoid work, and partly trying to avoid the Golden Globes, I realized that I was actually in front of my computer at a decent time to be able to follow along. What came out of […]


I’ve been testing out, using, and utilizing Google+ now for 5 days.  I’m proud to say that I was in on Google+ on Day 1,  because it’s like being in the ground floor of a building that’s being built around you.  There’s tons of activity, lots of potential, and builders who are actively listening to […]

The Location War: Mid-Battle Report

So, as promised a few weeks ago on Twitter, I decided to give a few services a try, and weed out the ones that I felt like weren’t serving my purpose well.  After almost a month of testing, I’ve finally narrowed it down to the two top contenders: Foursquare and Gowalla. IF all things continue […]

Best (and worst) Commercials of Super Bowl 44

So, every year the best and the brightest minds (sort of) in TV get together and put their best foot forward (sometimes) in what (usually) turns out to be the (sincerely adequate) best commercials of the year (maybe).  OK, so that was a lot of interruptions, but I have to be honest – there were […]

Tenure (Jay Leno) vs. Talent (Conan O’Brien) – The Great NBC Failure

Today it was announced (and confirmed) that Jay Leno will have his show back, and that Conan O’Brien future is heretofore unknown at this point.  I’m sure there will be plenty said about it tonight on The Tonight Show, but what’s more amazing is how (even in the face of a public outcry of support) […]

Are You With Coco?

I’ve been watching the twittersphere react to what NBC is doing to Conan O’Brien, and while searching around this picture seemed to come up on nearly every site (woot.com even has this image on their product of the day): The artist is  Mike Mitchell, and you can find other work he’s done on his website

Foursquare vs. Gowalla… annnnnd fight!

So I’ve been doing my research trying to figure out which of the two location-based metagaming services are going to come out on top.  There are two that have risen to the top of the pack: Foursquare, my first choice, or Gowalla, the Austin based startup.  Both platforms bring their own set of features to […]

foursquare: Your Social Life, Metagamed.

There’s a new social network in town. At first, when I heard people talking about it from New York, Atlanta, and Austin, I really didn’t see what the big deal was.  I used Brightkite, and stopped using it because there was no real value other than telling people what I was up to (after all, […]

Does Hard Selling Still Work?

A lot of people don’t know this, but before I dove head first into the realm that is web-design and social media, I used to do door-to-door sales.  Yup, hard-core street-pounding invasion type door-to-door sales.  It was for a local company here in Nashville called Stallion, Inc, and the whole idea was severely based on […]