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First Thoughts on the iPad

I have to admit, I was super excited about a week ago when I started reading into all of the hype of what Apple’s new tablet device could do.  I had lots of possibilities in mind: video chatting, sketchbooking websites for clients, and just in general reinventing the way we look at handheld devices.  I […]

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5 (More) Things That Have Become Obsolete This Decade

If you saw the Huffington Post’s online version today, they did a great photo essay about the top 12 things that have gone obsolete.  Some of them you may agree with; some of them you may not.  But I think they forgot some of the most important things that we can’t live without now that […]

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Three Lessons We Can Learn from Hacker Croll

So, if you haven’t been closely following the incident involving TechCrunch, Twitter, and a very astute hacker called Croll, then you’re missing out on a turning point for internet security as we know it. In case you’re new to the story, here’s what happened in a nutshell, via TechCrunch: HC (Hacker Croll) accessed Gmail for […]

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Tools Tuesday – The Web Developer Toolbar

Designers and Developers have lots of things they use on a regular basis in order to get work done.  Software, Hardware, Apps; there are multitudes that I end up opening on a daily basis in order to efficiently plan out, execute, and update the sites that I create.  So, every Tuesday, I’ll be diving into […]

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Transparent PNG in IE6 – JavaScript

There are a lot of fixes for Alpha PNG transparancy in Internet Explorer 6.  They all have their pros and cons, but I love this one because (unlike some other fixes) it covers every image at once.  That way, you can put in a lot of transparent images and get a massive fix for all. […]

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