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Category Archive: Tutorial

Adding SSL To Your Amazon AWS Instance

By: Mitch Canter

The last few blog posts have been an in-depth tutorial on how to set up an Amazon AWS Instance.  And, while the basics were more than covered, I had a few reader asking me about a super important topic: SSL and Encryption. What exactly is SSL Encryption? The short answer: it’s that fancy green lock […]

Creating a Site Specific Plugin in WordPress

By: Mitch Canter

Quick: how do you add a custom function into a theme. If you said ‘add it to your functions.php file’, then you would be correct. But is that really the best way to go about things? The Problem Let’s say you’ve customized your site with some pretty fancy functions you’ve added in through the hooks […]

Redirection: An Easy Way to Handle 301 Redirects

By: Mitch Canter

Since I’ve switched to my new design, I’ve also done quite a bit of cleanup work on the content side of things.  I pruned a lot of old articles that weren’t bringing in search traffic (and weren’t related to the site anymore), cleaned up a lot of the categories, and set my permalink structure to […]

Podcasting with PowerPress

By: Mitch Canter

Most brands would benefit from having some sort of podcasting element on their site or blog. And the easiest way to do that is with PowerPress – the de facto podcasting plugin for WordPress.