Advanced Custom Fields: Building a Client Friendly “Page Builder”, Part 1

There are very few subjects debated so hotly in the WordPress world as the ones regarding “Page Builders”. For the unfamiliar, a page builder allows the end user to set up content without needing knowledge of code.  While – to the end user – the allure of being able to have full control over design and […]

Encryption, WordPress, Terrorism, and the Modern Web

Editor’s Note: I try not to bring politics into my development discussions, but when they intersect, it’s always a good time for a teaching moment. If you leave a comment, be civil and follow the rules of having a good discussion, or I will outright delete your comments. There’s no room here for rude people. […]

WooCommerce: Third Party API Calls At Checkout

I’ve been doing a lot more WooCommerce work as of late. And with good reason – WooCommerce (as of the end of 2016) powers nearly 42% of all eCommerce stores on the internet. One of the biggest requests I have when working with WooCommerce is how to integrate a third party vendor into a checkout […]

Twitch Conditional – A WordPress Plugin for Twitch Streamers

I love Twitch. I actually spend my work day with one browser dedicated to Twitch, and subscribe to MrHappy’s daily Stream. So when rumors surfaced a few years ago their API, of course I wanted a way to interface with that API. In doing research, I realized that a lot of streamers don’t have real […]

The Hidden WordPress Options Panel

Did you know that there’s a hidden options panel in WordPress?

It’s one page you can visit that will allow you to set every single option available to you on your site – even some of the hidden ones that are set via plugins and/or other functions.

Using Hyperlinks Correctly in WordPress

Any good content marketer worth his or her salt knows the value of using links in their content. It’s a good strategy to practice – whether you’re linking internally to content you’ve written in the past or to external resources you mention in posts.  However, a lot of people overlook a small, single detail that could […]

Why I (Still) Use WordPress

It’s no secret that I love WordPress. I’ve built this site on it, for one, but I brag that I’ve used WordPress for nearly all of the projects I’ve done over the last few years.  Other platforms have come and gone, but WordPress has remained steadily at the top of my list of “must-use” tools. […]

Add a Product List to WooCommerce’s Order Columns

If you’re running WooCommerce, the Orders screen is a great way to see – at a glance – what’s going on in your store.  However, there’s one thing that it absolutely doesn’t show: the products that people have ordered. The code below changes that – it gives you a special column in your Orders screen […]

WordPress 4.1 Release Candidate Available

Just in time for Christmas, the amazing WordPress contribution team is getting geared up to release WordPress 4.1 on December 16. Right now, we can settle for the “WordPress 4.1 Release Candidate” In case you missed it, here’s what to expect from WordPress 4.1: A new theme, Twenty Fifteen. It’s more blog focused, and is very […]

5 Essential WooCommerce Extensions, Add-Ons & Plugins

WooCommerce is one of the most powerful WordPress eCommerce solutions on the market. Out of the box, it does everything you’d expect an eCommerce system to do: Host products Have a scannable product listing Take orders for products Accept payments through PayPal Allow people to use coupons But, sometimes, you need to think outside of […]