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Did you know that there’s a hidden options panel in WordPress?

It’s one page you can visit that will allow you to set every single option available to you on your site – even some of the hidden ones that are set via plugins and/or other functions.

Navigating here will show you any options, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) options, SEO options (if you have a plugin installed for it), and a slew of other hidden options (denoted by the _ before them).

So, what can you change here? Everything that’s not greyed out. But the better question is what should you change here. With great power comes great responsibility, so if you’re not sure what an option is, it’s best to leave it alone.

And if you break your website because you were fiddling with options? Well, maybe you should take a backup first!

  • Nice quick writeup 🙂
    ALWAYS make a backup!

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