May 19, 2010

If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately, you may have noticed that I’ve nearly completely ditched Windows all together.  I wanted to see if (without missing a beat work-wise) I could switch my laptop over to Linux, and virtualize any pieces of the puzzle that I can’t do natively in Linux.

After nearly a full week, I can safely say that I haven’t looked back.

The process was really simple:

  1. I backed up all of my files to a hard disk
  2. I downloaded, burnt, and rebooted into the Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD.
  3. I replaced the main partition of my laptop with Ubuntu and booted up for the first time.
  4. I installed Virtualbox and installed a copy of Windows 7, just for a few select programs.

Honestly, it was cake after that – everything has worked out perfectly, and the content-consuming part of my live has gotten so much easier.  I use Windows 7 for 3 2 program (sets): Adobe CS4, Live Writer, and iTunes (turns out Rhythmbox is not only capable of syncing to the iPhone, but it’s faster).

So, yeah – everything works, it’s super fast, and I won’t look back.  Once I figure out how to install Adobe Suite and LiveWriter (or an appropriate equivalent) then I’ll stop using Windows altogether.

I do have one complaint: Linux blogs are all ugly, minus a select few – come on guys, Linux does not have to be ugly – look at Ubuntu, after all!

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