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5 Tips to Help You Create Amazing Content!

By: Mitch Canter

It’s all well and good to talk about technical things like podcasting, but sometimes the problem isn’t the method; it’s the message itself.  Many people will open up a Word document or their WordPress editor and stare at it for hours.  Creating amazing content from scratch is hard. But, nothing worth doing is easy, and fresh […]

How to Start a Podcast, Part 3: Publishing the Podcast

By: Mitch Canter

So, you’ve got the podcast idea laid out, and you’ve recorded it.  You’ve laid down tracks, mixed down channels, and have ended up with either a video (MP4) or audio (MP3) file of your Podcast.  Congrats, you’ve overcome the first hurdle, which (to some) is the hardest.  But now we’re tasked with getting the file […]

How to Start a Podcast, Part 2: Hardware / Software

By: Mitch Canter

Podcasting can be daunting for a number of reasons.  Some people don’t have time to mix together, edit, and publish their podcasts.  Others simply hate hearing the sound of their own voice (I honestly fall into this category at times).  And still others are bound by technical or financial limits.  While I can’t help you […]

Intro to Podcasting

How to Start a Podcast, Part 1: Introduction

By: Mitch Canter

There’s a mantra I repeat when people ask what they should be doing online: “Go where the people are”.  A good rule of thumb is to ask your readers what social media they frequently use, and strive to connect with them there.  The one resounding link I’ve always gotten: the ability to listen to podcasts when they’re […]

The Best WordPress Social Sharing Buttons

By: Mitch Canter

If you run a blog (or a church site with some sort of event calendar or news section), having a place where your visitors and members can share your content is absolutely invaluable.  Sometimes all it takes is for people to start spreading the word about an event. By giving them the chance to do so, […]

Tweetdeck - Twitter Management Dashboard

Making The Case for The Content Curator

By: Mitch Canter

We as humans strive to create beautiful content in everything that we do.  Whether that’s a fine oil painting hanging in a museum or the amazing selfie from on top of Christ the Reedeemer in Brazil, that content is something we’ve made and that we’re proud of.  I’ve noticed, however, that people think they can sustain their […]

The Beginner’s Guide to CSS

By: Mitch Canter

With all of the various tutorials I post on CSS, HTML, and website design, I often get emails from readers that resemble something like this: “This looks awesome, but I have no idea where to start.  Do you have anything that talks about the basics of [css/html/jQuery/etc]” It’s worth going back to the very beginning […]

CSS Transitions

CSS Transitions – A Little Dab’ll Do You

By: Mitch Canter

CSS Transitions, when used properly, are a great way to provide a bit of eye candy to your site.  Providing movement and motion, either upon scroll or reveal of content, is a great way to subtly draw a viewer’s attention.  It’s also a way, unfortunately, to annoy the ever-loving crap out of your readers.  When […]

Category Description: SEO for your Category Archive

By: Mitch Canter

Did you know WordPress had a special field for category descriptions?  Most people have seen it while working on category lists in their WordPress blog, but chances are you may have skimmed over it or paid it no attention.  You see, most themes are ill-equipped to take advantage of it – that means that, for […]

Functions.php Vs Writing a Plugin

By: Mitch Canter

When it comes to developing a new site, every developer has a stash of favorite code snippets or reusable modules they keep handy.  It could be a homemade widget, a section or module that is adaptable to multiple sites, or custom code that you use to personally extend the functionality of WordPress, but every developer worth their salt […]